Arid Zone bushland at Whyalla gets conservation boost from Private Conservation SA Program (RPCSA)

Privately-owned bushland in Whyalla's "Arid Zone" is receiving a boost thanks to the Revitalising Private Conservation SA Program (RPCSA).

Drs Katherine Moseby and John Read in the Middleback Ranges are among local recipients of RPCSA grant funding.

Their Mallee Refuge Project spans three private properties representing 30,618ha of significant arid zone habitats.

"The Linking Landscape Grant is allowing us to expand our predator proof exclosure for the re-introduction and protection of six nationally threatened species," Dr Katherine said.

"We are monitoring the Shark Bay bandicoots that have been recently released, and other locally-extinct mammal species such as numbats and red-tailed phascogales will follow."

Working with the State Herbarium, threatened plant species populations are also being safe guarded.

Dr Katherine said program outreach officers Bec and Aleesha were very interested in this project and have come out to see the results for themselves.

Through three grant rounds, 195 properties across the state have received a share in the $2 million grant funding for on-ground long term conservation work.

With the in-kind contributions from landholders and volunteers totalling more than $3.1 million, conservation landowners are delivering real environmental outcomes such as weed and feral animal control, fencing, erosion control, threatened species protection and riparian restoration.

The community has also benefited with more than 280 local business engaged.

Heritage agreements protect high quality remnant native vegetation on private land in perpetuity.

Currently there are more than 1600 heritage agreements established across SA, with 97 new HA applications received over the last 18 months.

RPCSA is an innovative collaboration of non-government organisations in the biodiversity and agricultural sectors, involving Livestock SA, Nature Foundation, Trees For Life, Nature Conservation Society SA, and Conservation Council. Funded by the SA Government.

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