Maiden victory

Hayley Evans.
Hayley Evans.

Sunday's softball game saw the sun come out for Indians. who recorded their first win for the year over Eagles.

Eagles were in first with Judi Kneebone flying out to left taken by Indians Shelley Cousins, Missy Mcnamarra and Melissa Plumber both on with walks scoring home from errors.

Indians came out in their first dig with six runs from hits from Shelley and Courtney Balek, but four errors from Eagles saw them cross the line.

Eagles got three across in the third dig with hits from Melissa Plummer and Norma Damon but some nice plays by Indians pitcher Bec Andersson kept them to just three.

Indians in for their bat and were kept scoreless for rest of game even with hits from both Bec and Courtney.

Eagles had a bat and scored five across with a home run by Melissa Plummer but with the revert back rule those runs didn't count, giving Indians the win 6-5.

The second game saw Roadies take on the Cats.

Cats were in first, scoring three across, Amy Vanroosmalen, Jess Mitchell on with walks, Jen Ormsby bringing them home with a hit to centre.

Roadies were kept scoreless up until the third dig when with a few errors from the Cats girls which scored two across.

Cats fought back with hits from Amy, Jen, Hayley and Evans all scoring and four errors from the infield saw five being unearned runs.

Cats Moreana Hopkins along with Francine Treloar both had safe hits with Francine finishing with 2 RBI's, Roadies got another three across with a two base hit from Joan Shea, Tanya Mcintosh but Cats took the win 9-5.

Thursday 5pm Junior Training

Sunday 28th November

9.00am T- Ball

10.15am - Indians Vs Road Runners - Umpires - Cats - Covid Marshal/Barby - Eagles

11.45am - Eagles Vs Cats - Umpires - Road Runners - Covid Marshall / Barby - Indians