Roadies too good for Eagles

Whyalla softball fans were treated to a double header on the weekend, with Road Runners and Eagles trading wins and Cats twice putting Indians to the sword.

Friday night's games started with Eagles vs Road Runners.

The rain dampening things for Eagles and Roadies pitchers, but, Roadies were in first scoring five across, a couple of errors from the Eagles girls due to the wet ball.

Eagles in for their bat seen them score two across Gloria Colson on with a safe hit, Roadies also having trouble with wet ball.

Picking up in the second seen Roadies kept scoreless along with eagles, going into the 3rd seen roadies score another five across with hits from Tanya Mcintosh 3 base hit, Jody Theodorou.

Eagles were in scoring 3 to play catch up but with time running out and the score reverting back Road Runners took the win 10-2.

Safe Hits- Roadies- T. Mcintosh 1, M. Adams 1, J. Theodorou 1 -Catches- M. Adams 1 (specky catch Mia) 1, B.Roughsedge 1, J. Mcintosh 1 - Eagles- K. Fisher 1, G.Colson 2, C. Buzzacott 1, K. Wiseman 1, T. Dodd 1

The second game saw Cats vs Indians.

Indians were kept scoreless for 3 digs with some nice pitching again by cats Jen Ormsby, Cats in scoring with hits from Jess Mitchell, Rowena Barber and Jen Ormsby getting 3 across.

The game was really dominated by the Cats pitcher, Indians pitchers Bec Andersson and Sharyn Nottle trying to play catch up but errors (8) from the infield saw Cats score 4 then another 2.

Indians finally had a hit at the top of the fourth which saw Mel Sleep, Courtney Balek and Montana Tremble all have a hit to right field scoring 2 across but with Jen's 9 K2's Indians took the win 11-2.

Safe Hits - Indians- M. Sleep 1, C. Balek 1, M. Temble 1 - Safe Hits- Catches - S. Nottle 2 - Pitching - B. Andersson 1 S. Nottle 2 - Cats- A. Vanrossmalen 2, J. Mitchell 1, M. Hopkins 1, D. Reedy 1, J. Ormsby 1, R. Barber 1 - Pitching - J. Ormsby 9 K'2s

Sundays games seen them play each other again with Indians vs Cats

Cats in first scoring 2 across with hits from Francine Treloar and Moreana Hopkins, Indians were kept scoreless again for the first dig but getting 2 across in the second with hits from Courtney Balek and Taylor Blue.

Cats again came back with 5 in the second with just the one safe hit to Francine Treloar, Amy Vanroosmalen doing well in the circle for her first time with 5K2's.

Indians got on base but were unable to cross the plate and were kept to loaded bases twice, Cats took the win 8-3.

Safe Hits- A.Vanroosmalen 1, F. Treloar 2, M. Hopkins 1, H. Sumner 1 - Catches - H. Sumner 1 - Pitching - A.Vanroosmalen 5 K2's - Indians - C. Balek 2, T. Blue 1 - Catches - C. Balek 1 - Pitching - B. Andersson 4 K2's, S. Nottle 1 K2

The second game saw Road Runners vs Eagles

Eagles wanted the win after Friday night's big loss and they started well scoring 2 with hits to Judi Kneebone and Carmen Buzzacott.

Roadies were kept scoreless until the last dig with hits from Tanya Mcintosh, Bri Roughsedge Joan Shea but only getting the 1 run across.

Eagles' Carmen Buzzacott getting 2 RBI's with her hit to left while Aimee Watson scored from Judi Kneebone's hit to left, Roadies Sarah Haake did well at second with 5 put outs (nice one Sarah), but Eagles to strong taking the win 6-1.

Safe Hits- Eagles- J. Kneebone 2, M. Mcnamarra 1, C. Buzzacott 1, T.Dodd 1, R. Dodd 1 - Catches - N. Damon 1 C.Buzzacott 2 - Pitching - C.Buzzacott 2 K2's - Roadies - T. Mcintosh 1, B. Roughsedge 1, J. Shea 1 - Catches - S. Haake 2, J. Mcintosh 1 - Pitching 3 K2's.