SA Ambulance Service provides special training in Port Lincoln

SA Ambulance Service paramedics from across Eyre Peninsula and Spencer Gulf were trained to help reach patients in hard to reach areas in a session at Port Lincoln on Tuesday.

Two SAAS Special Operations Team rescue paramedics and 12 SAAS Remote personnel from Adelaide visited Port Lincoln on Tuesday to conduct training with paramedics from units including Port Lincoln, Ceduna, Whyalla, Port Augusta and Port Pirie.

The tug boat Fina-K was provided as a training ground as participants were trained on how to safely locate, secure and extricate people to medical care from hard-to-reach locations in a timely manner.

Teams practiced extracting a patient from a high point on the boat, as well as from the engine room using roping skills learned from SAAS Remote.

Rescue paramedic Ryan Kennedy led the training and said this training was not just useful for getting patients off of boats but for any hard to access areas, such as a steep gully or a silo on a farm.

He said this training was important to provide as the geography of South Australia provided a challenge in SAAS reaching people quickly.

"Across South Australia over the last five years or so people had died because we have been unable to access them to provide medical treatment for them and if we're able to access people and extricate them in a timely fashion them their medical outcomes can be improved," he said.

"We are teaching country career and country volunteer ambulance personnel how to safely access, make safe a person and extricate them to medical care.

"This is really SA Ambulance Service investing in rural and remote communities."

SAAS Ceduna clinical team leader Alex McKenzie said this training was vital to the ongoing work of personnel to ensure the health and safety of people across the region.

"You don't know what sort of situation you'll find your patients in all across Eyre Peninsula," he said.

"Having the ability to access them in an expedient and safe way just unlocks that quality of care."

Mr Kennedy thanked the owners of Fina-K for providing the vessel for the training.

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