Numbers skyrocket at regional shelters

Numbers skyrocket at regional shelters

The number of animals in RSPCA shelters across South Australia has nearly doubled since the state's last lockdown in November 2020.

An extended kitten season, doubled with an influx of abandoned, neglected and homeless animals has seen numbers across all three shelters - including Whyalla - skyrocket to over 600.

Currently Whyalla has 13 animals in care on site, while Port Lincoln has 11 in care on site and 14 in foster care off site. Dogs and cats from these shelters are frequently bussed down to the third shelter in Lonsdale, where the majority are.

The Head of Animal Operations Tim Charles has said that addressing shelter numbers during the COVID lockdown will be particularly challenging.

"Of the 600 animals in our care, only 62 are ready to go up for adoption. Many still require veterinary treatment and behavioural support," he said.

"Although the November lockdown of last year was quite short, we only had 300 animals in our care."

RSPCA South Australia's finances are also expected to take a dive during the 7-day lockdown with the closure of Op Shops, hosted fundraises and animal training classes.

Commercial Operations Manager Ben Dawson says there will be an estimated loss of $50,000.

"These income streams won't be available for animals in our care. Last year the community was really generous in helping us through the lockdown and I'm hoping we can all band together again," he said.