Inspiring mural celebrates culture

Two eye-catching murals have been installed at Fisk Street Primary School, highlighting the school's connection to Australian culture.

Austin "NITSUA" Moncrieff, who created the stunning Cowell silo art, painted the murals with input from local students and teachers, and the end result incorporates Australia's flora and fauna.

School Attendance and Engagement Coordinator Simon Trezise said staff had been impressed by Austin's work around the region, and jumped at the opportunity to have him paint the murals.

"We asked the kids what they wanted and they thought it would be great to tie it in to the ocean and the outback, so we had one mural having the sunset background and the other one underwater," he said.

"We included the cuttlefish and the dolphins as well, the kids had a real voice in what was chosen and they were really pleased with the end result."

Mr Trezise said the emu was a popular native animal among students, so it was great to see it incorporated in one of the mural's designs.

"It was great for the kids to see the design process and how he painted it ... they got a real insight into how to go about painting murals as well," he said.

The murals were created in just two days, helping make the school more vibrant and inspiring some of the students to get further into art.

"It was good for the kids to see how Austin followed his passion and it's been a career for him, they could see that art isn't just for fun it can also be a career pathway," Mr Trezise said.