Emotion on display in exhibition | PHOTOS

A lifelong dream came true for Whyalla artist Chelsea Andrew this week as she opened her first solo exhibition at the Middleback Arts Centre.

Featuring works from Chelsea, her daughter Holly and son Rylie, as well as work from children at the Whyalla Child Care Centre, Shades of Life captured a mix of inspiring and harrowing artwork.

The centrepiece was a series of 10 black and white paintings by Chelsea, who has a knack for turning traumatic experiences in her life into stunning pieces of art.

"When we installed the work I wasn't sure if we'd have enough paintings but when I looked around at how they fit on the wall I thought it was perfect," she said.

"It's nice to see people's expression when they look at it and the awe on their face, and that just makes me feel like I've done my job."

The exhibition also proved to be a financial success for Chelsea, who sold a number of paintings to impressed attendees.

"I had a few paintings sell before the exhibition even started, so that was great," she said.

"Holly had her own wall of paintings, she was nervous and excited ... her works focus on her emotions as well so it all ties in."

Chelsea's art will be on display and available for purchase for the whole month of June.