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Website trends: What will the future of web design look like?

Website trends: What will the future of web design look like?

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As we shift more and more into the online world, first impressions matter now, just as much as they did when we were constructing physical storefronts for people to walk into.

With the fast-paced environment of the internet, grabbing a user's attention in the first few seconds has never been so important.

That being said, these web design trends are what we believe will be the wave of the future over the next decade as we descend into the online reality that has become our new normal.

Dark mode

Dark mode was introduced to the tech world as an optional feature on Apple and Android devices in 2019.

The uptake of dark mode was surprising and swift, quickly being acknowledged as more than just the latest iPhone feature.

With the option for users to reverse the polarity of their screen from positive to negative, dark mode offers a less straining screen experience for the eyes and has been noted for its successes in helping those with vision impairments to focus on text-heavy websites.

Though we haven't yet seen a massive uptake of dark mode in the web design space, what this feature has done is to open up the options for web development and allowed designers to consider darker canvases for their pages rather than the traditional positive polarity.

User-centred design

Find out what your customer wants and deliver that to them. This is the premise of user-centred design (UCD) and of doing business in general.

Though it is a basic concept, web designers have experienced great success with developing sites specifically tailored to their target user experience.

Gaming sites, shopping platforms, and online casinos have successfully adopted UCD to provide their customers with a simple way to access what they need.

We don't see this trend in web design going away any time soon as the customer focus will indeed remain a core part of any sales-related business for a long time to come.

Real-time solutions

With instant connectivity being a central focus of the online world moving forward, the use of chatbots, instant messaging systems, and live chat for websites is becoming increasingly popular.

The ability for a customer to communicate with a business and have questions answered in real-time is a focus of top sales websites around the world, which has become the basic level of expectation for any site that is operating in a professional capacity.

Additionally, the ability to book, buy, and pay instantly has become a simple requirement for sales websites.

Website trends: What will the future of web design look like?

With the rise of global payment systems such as Google and Apple Pay beginning to dominate world currency markets, there is no reason why these simple and user-friendly solutions will not continue to be a popular feature in website design.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax animations are a technological art form that gives images the illusion of depth, which is something that has eluded the web design community for many years, by animating backgrounds of images to move slower than parts of the image in the foreground.

Parallax animations help websites achieve better visual stimulation and create intrigue by taking users on a journey that may just keep them onboard for those extra few seconds.

Even though there are upsides and downsides to Parallax scrolling websites, this is a web design trend that has managed to continue in its popularity in recent years.

As internet speeds improve around the world, we may see the Parallax effect continue to offer creative innovations in the web design space.

Future innovation

We know that there is a developer sitting in front of a screen somewhere right now, creating a piece of code that could be the next big thing in website design. In the modern technological world, this is almost a certainty.

In recent years, the technology associated with website design has experienced a surge in popularity as the world moves into the online phase of its existence, and this is the most important trend that will continue steadily over the next decade.

No one can look into a crystal ball and tell us what website design will hold over the next 10 years, but based on the current information and trends we are seeing in 2021, we can confidently assume that the above trends plus some research about some guides will continue on in their popularity with web designers.