Smart ways to keep warm this winter

SHIVERS: Keeping warm and comfortable at home during winter is easier than your think. Photo: Shutterstock.
SHIVERS: Keeping warm and comfortable at home during winter is easier than your think. Photo: Shutterstock.

Now we're nearing the end of autumn, many Australians are experiencing a real taste of the cooler weather that's to come during winter.

While many are eagerly preparing to bring out the heaters, others are bracing for the impact this has on their power bills.

According to Beau Savage, co-founder at Smart Energy, switching to solar power is the easiest way to avoid costly power bills, however there are many reasons why some people can't invest in solar. Luckily for them, there are many simple things you can do to avoid high winter bills.

For those looking to save a little extra money this winter, Beau has put together his top tips for saving on your electricity bill.

Avoid using costly utilities: One of the highest energy culprits used in winter is an electric heater. Although they may make you nice and warm when you sit in close proximity, just 10 minutes of usage is the equivalent of powering one light for weeks.

If possible, turn your air conditioner on reverse cycle so that when the sun is on the roof it heats up the house at a fraction of the cost.

Don't let heat escape: Australians generally love the heat, so it's not surprising that we want to heat up the entire house. However this can make power bills skyrocket during the cooler months.

Instead, try only heating up the rooms that are used the most, ensuring that all blinds and doors are shut to prevent heat escaping and in turn reducing usage hours.

Avoid peak usage times: Sure, we need to use some appliances to heat up the home, however if you use them in a smarter way you can save hundreds on your power bill.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is using big appliances during peak time. With many of these appliances now smart-enabled, Aussies can easily set them to come on during off-peak times to avoid high usage costs.

Stop the draft: Drafts can easily come through the gaps below doors and is a common reason many people feel they can't keep their home warm during winter.

One of the easiest fixes to prevent drafts is to invest in a quality draft stopper that can be placed to cover the gap under the door.

Make the switch to solar: While there are legitimate reasons people can't make the switch (such as shading issues and living in a rental), those who can have the potential to save hundreds of dollars throughout winter.

On average, Australians can save up to $1000 during cooler periods and up to $2000 over the course of the year with a five kilowatt solar power system.

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