The Informer: Australians facing health risk in India, says AMA

Australians in India need gov't help: AMA

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stood firm on his decision to ban travel from India despite a torrent of criticism from high-profile figures.

Flights from India have been halted until May 15 amid record-breaking coronavirus cases in that nation.

Australian Medical Association President Dr Omar Khorshid wrote to Mr Morrison and Health Minister Greg Hunt to call on them to commit to the repatriation of vulnerable Australians in India when the travel ban ends.

"The pause in flights from India to Australia was warranted to manage the risk associated with large numbers of infectious people entering our fragile hotel quarantine system," Dr Khorshid said.

"However, given the exponential growth in infections in India, expatriate Australians there now face a health risk that requires an Australian Government health response."

Now to childcare, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has announced an extra $1.7 billion will be allocated to the sector in next week's budget.

The investment is part of a move to ensure more parents can work more hours without getting hit with hefty fees.

Federal Labor has made childcare a key plank of its bid to win the next federal election, promising to remove the $10,650 cap on the subsidy and lifting the maximum subsidy to 90 per cent from 85 per cent.

Confusion continues to reign over proposed changes to the National Disability Insurance Scheme with the eight companies chosen to do independent assessments told there is no start date for their work.

The companies would share in $339 million depending on how many assessments they do.

Australians living with disability have voiced serious concerns and fears over the introduction of independent assessments.

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