Workers maintain positive attitude

TOUGH TIMES: Whyalla Steelworks workers Danny McArthur and Marty Hilton.
TOUGH TIMES: Whyalla Steelworks workers Danny McArthur and Marty Hilton.

The belief that the Whyalla Steelworks will pull through this trying time for its parent company is still alive and well with long-time workers at the plant.

Danny McArthur and Marty Hilton, who have worked at the plant for a combined 80+ years, aren't panicking about the latest developments with GFG Alliance.

"They had already said that a legal challenge might happen, so it didn't come as a surprise...we were half expecting something to happen, we just weren't sure what form it was going to take," Danny said.

Marty said, "The steelworks has always been uncertain ... we're always in a state of flux,"

"I wouldn't go panicking ... it doesn't matter how much you worry just do your job and stay safe."

British Billionare Sanjeev Gupta's company Liberty Primary Steel, formerly OneSteel Manufacturing, is facing a challenge in the Supreme Court of NSW by Citibank, on the behalf of Credit Suisse.

It comes after Greensill, a key financial backer of GFG, collapsed into administration, leaving Mr Gupta scrambling to refinance his global steel empire.

Asked whether they were concerned over the direction of the company under Mr Gupta's lead, Marty said he thought there were "too many layers" to the business's finances.

"He's too big ... when he's here things seem to be better and he answers your questions, but there's too many layers and too big a firm I think," he said.

Danny described the cloud of uncertainty hanging over the plant as the state of manufacturing in the modern world.

"We're always going to be undermined by the hurdles that get put in front of us, and every time we overcome one it doesn't seem to build any confidence," he said.

Marty said he was concerned about the decline in the number of workers over the years since he's been at the plant, with employees also required to take pay cuts over the years.

"It is a good place to work, it's a good industry," he said.