Shocking attack on streets of Whyalla

Shocking attack on streets of Whyalla

A man will need surgery to fix his hand after it was mutilated by a group who attacked him without warning.

The 22-year-old, who the Whyalla News has agreed not to name, was walking home from a house party when he was jumped by "four to five" attackers who then ripped out his fingernail and cut into two of his fingers with pliers.

He says the damage to his ring finger on his right hand will likely need surgery to fix while his pinkie finger was also significantly damaged when the nail was pulled off.

"I was in quite a bit of shock when it all happened," he said.

"I remember the feeling of the nail ripping off, them cutting into my fingers, and then running away ... I passed out in front of someone's house and there was blood all over me."

After regaining consciousness, he encountered a woman on her morning walk. She gave him a lift to his aunt's house.

"That's where the police and the ambulance were called and they had a look at me," he said.

The victim has been in and out of hospital after the attack and hopes to book surgery to repair his ring finger in the coming weeks

"If they don't fix this, I won't be able to move the last part of my finger for the rest of my life," he said.

Because the attack was so sudden, the man says he is unable to remember any faces of those who targeted him, but says it is scary to think about what would have happened if he failed to escape.

"I was definitely really emotional about it. It is not something you would want anyone to go through," he said.

"My Mum flew down and my dad drove down after they heard what happened."

The victim urges those who walk the streets at night to be careful and has reported the incident to police.