Victor Harbor have some unique dog owners

ELSA GIVES A BIG SMILE: The "family" Shelly, Sheila, Geoff and Vicki with three of the books and the star of the show Elsa.

Many pet owners know exactly what their pet is thinking, but how many write not one book, but five books on what their pet is thinking?

Well, Sheila, Geoff and their "children" Vicki and Shelly have taken to release the books and they are all based around their special pet Elsa.

"We have become very close in the last four years and have informally adopted Sheila and Geoff as our parents and they their daughters. Both of our parents have died, so it has worked out very well for us all," Vicki said.

"I believe it is fair to say we have bought love and a sense of family back into their lives.

"I have been putting books together for awhile now and generally use The Photo Book Club, its an app you download and use to create your books."

So once Shelly brought home an intelligent white French Bulldog, the family melted.

Shelly named her Elsa from the children's movie 'Frozen'. Elsa became part of the family and was the topic of conversation most of the time.

So Sheila decided to write a story about Elsa imagining what Elsa would be thinking and saying if she could talk.

"I decided to make it into a book," Vicki said.

"Then of course Sheila couldn't stop and she was getting so much excitement from it. Sheila actually said that before this she was feeling a bit depressed as she had stopped most activities she used to enjoy.

Sheila said that her interest and motivation to write this story has given her new excitement and relieved her depression."

So three books have been written the fourth is about to be sent to the printer and the fifth will be about her first Christmas and birthday.

"So these books will keep on going at this stage, a bit like Harry Potter," Vicki said.

"They are all A5 and 20 pages with soft cover. Sheila writes, I put them together with pictures and Shelly and Geoff edit."

All profits from the books go to 'Freedom Hill Sanctuary, in the Adelaide Hills. Shelly's son Dale is a volunteer and has been part of helping out at this sanctuary for years.

Sheila loves animals and has rescued several, so the money going direct to helping these animals, was the perfect choice.

Sheila has sold many of these books already.

"Everyone who knows Elsa wants one. We have been selling the first three as a trilogy for $25," Vicki said.

The stories involve Elsa's behaviour, interests, holidays and neighbours. For more information - Vicki Hutchinson at

Sheila said Elsa had made an incredible impact on the family.

"She is absolutely full of character. We do not think she is a dog. Elsa has so much personality and we are always wondering what she is thinking, so now I just put it into words," Sheila said.

This story It is a dog's life first appeared on The Times.