Equine Assisted Therapy can assist with mental health

CALMING CONNECTION: Yvonne with her therapy horses Callie, Harlequin and Ace.
CALMING CONNECTION: Yvonne with her therapy horses Callie, Harlequin and Ace.

Mental health is a serious issue in society and there are a number of ways to treat this unseen problem.

Yvonne Griffiths is based in Victor Harbor and is a Registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist holding a Masters Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and also a Behavioural Social Science degree in Psychology, Criminology and Sociology and believes horses can play a role in treating mental health.

Her further studies include training and certification in NLP, Human and Equine Craniosacral Therapy, Animal Communication, Reiki, and Natural Horsemanship Training and a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

"The experiences I have had throughout my life have shaped me into the person I am today. Each event has promoted my growth and willingness to want to learn a new way to adapt, to cope and to assimilate the enormous changes that have presented themselves," Yvonne said.

"My studies have given me the scientific foundation and my spirituality gives me another perspective. My therapies use a combination of both modalities, which offers a more holistic approach to my clients and horses have been an integral part of my journey.

"I have owned horses since I was 10 years old and I have trained and developed my knowledge about horses over many years. I use a range of horses to support individual needs, with each horse offering the space to grow our interpersonal communication, reconnecting you to personal wellbeing, joy and happiness.

"Each client has the opportunity to connect with a horse they are drawn to and that horse is also drawn to them, which shows a willingness to connect on both sides for optimal results. If being with a horse is too much for you, I have 'Buddy' who is part of the team. He is a smooth coated Guinea Pig and just beautiful to hold and connect with."

Horses can bring a connection.

Horses can bring a connection.

This type of therapy can be utilised through a range of presenting issues ranging from anxiety, depression, social isolation, grief, loss, trauma, PTSD and much more. It can also be utilised in businesses for team building, confidence and cohesion.

"I have worked with a range of clients who have suffered from depression, anxiety and social phobias," Yvonne said.

"Connecting with the horses has allowed them, sometimes for the first time to feel calm, safe and supported and has assisted them in finding their way forward to where they want to be in their lives.

"It is both a pleasure and an honour to be a part of these amazing transformations. Each horse offers each person something different in an unspoken language, you can connect, heal and restore your mind, body and soul to a place that gives you all that you need and want."

Yvonne is able to offer sessions in either Mount Compass, Goolwa or home visits. Private Health Rebates offered and NDIS clients welcome. For more information call 0414 205816.

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