Students go next level for Feast | PHOTOS

Art, music, creative tech, digital publishing, English and hospitality students worked together to create a special night for parents, teachers and invited guests at Edward John Eyre High School on Monday.

The Feast For All The Senses featured artwork, creative design projects, a live performance from the school band and plenty of yummy food produced by Certificate I Hospitality and Certificate II Kitchen Operations students.

Student Seth Usher used his time in design class to create an image inspired by the Japanese anime Naruto, which was then printed onto a skateboard.

Seth said the images he used were collected from the internet and then edited in Photoshop, blending two pictures together to create the background.

The design was then printed onto the skateboard with a laser cutter to create the finished product.

"I do most of my art pieces on anime, because I'm a big fan of cartoons," Seth said.

"We get the design, flatten the image and then put it through the laser cutter...we put all the details and settings into it and it does all the engraving for us."

Meanwhile in the arts area fellow student Natalie Anderson used the music genre K-Pop (Korean Pop) as the inspiration for two of her pieces.

Kino, a member of the K-Pop group Pentagon, served as the inspiration for Natalie's first artwork, a water-colour portrait. Her second, a graphite pencil piece, was of JB from K-Pop band Got7.

Natalie's interest in K-Pop was derived from her sister Hayley, who first introduced her to the genre.

"I delved into the world and their music makes me happy...I found photos of the artists and decided they would be really good compositions to draw," she said.

"I wanted to practice drawing realism with graphite pencil and water colour."

Natalie's third artwork was a collection of oracle cards, each based on a different star sign, and also featured members of K-Pop groups mixed in.

To keep visitors fed while they were busy pursuing the artwork by students like Natalie, Certificate II in Kitchen Operations students such as Savannah Patterson were busy handing out cold rolls and meatballs.

"I really enjoyed being a part of the night," she said.

English students also participated by creating a range of poems which were also displayed.

EJEHS Promotions Leader Kristy Patterson said the Feast was the first opportunity for students to showcase their work to the community this year due to COVID-19.

"The Year 12 students haven't had a lot of celebration events where people get the feedback about how well they've done," she said.