The Informer: Bridge bingle signals return to new normal for Vic

Inset: Montague St Bridge today. Photo: Twitter @MontagueStBridg
Inset: Montague St Bridge today. Photo: Twitter @MontagueStBridg

And, just like that, Victoria returns to a "new normal". How can you tell?

Because a truck got jammed under Melbourne's infamous Montague Street Bridge today!

By way of background, The Age explained, the bridge has just three metres clearance. It has "claimed the egos of dozens of over-confident truck, bus and RV drivers over the years". So popular is "bridge watch" that it even has its own Twitter account. Importantly though, no-one was injured today and traffic is cleared and back to normal.

In all seriousness though, today marks just the first time since the start of March that Victoria has recorded back-to-back "zero days". It is an extra security blanket on top of similar stats yesterday. Long may the run continue.

Premier Daniel Andrews explained that Victorians can have home visits from midnight as pubs, restaurants, bars and cafes prepare to open tomorrow. He also said that Victorians will have to keep wearing masks, stressing it's a "very low price to pay for a very significant benefit".

And in response to a series of questions yesterday about how best to "celebrate" Halloween, the government also has published specific guidelines about how best to enjoy a COVID-safe October 31. Handily, it includes four tips under the sub-heading "handing out lollies or candy".

And while there's relief that restrictions are easing, Victoria has had one of the longest, but one of the most effective lockdown in the world, according to Professor Michael Toole from the Burnet Institute, via the ABC.

Professor Toole said just a few places in South America had stricter, longer lockdowns, but Victoria's was "up there with only five other countries that have emerged from their second wave" in the same manner. Those countries were Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and South Korea.

Elsewhere there was news of Tasmania setting the date for NSW to be allowed back to the Apple Isle quarantine-free; South Australia remaining cautious about reopening its border with Victoria; support for a hard border reopening in WA; and hopes that Queensland could be days away from announcing the opening of its NSW border.

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