'Absolutely magical': video of whales leaping out of the water off the Coast of Ulverstone

A mammoth leap. Photo: Ebony Richards
A mammoth leap. Photo: Ebony Richards

When Ebony Richards went out for brunch lover the weekend, she didn't expect to have an "absolutely unforgettable" day.

But that's what happened after the Latrobe woman and her partner "decided to ditch our plans" and set off on a colleague's boat to try and see the whales swimming nearby.

"And they didn't disappoint. They put on a show," she said.

Ms Richards captured some stunning photographs and footage of several whales leaping out of the water off the coast of Ulverstone, on the northern coast of Tasmania.

She said they stopped their boat around 150 metres away from the whales, only to have the "curious" creatures swim over.

"They were coming up really close. You could feel the water when they came up to breathe. They were spraying water on us and it was crazy," she said.

"And then they went underneath and it was like, 'Where did they do?' And all of a sudden they'd pop up right beside you.

"It was so exciting, such a thrill, such a rush and I'm just really grateful."

Footage of the close encounters on Saturday and Sunday was published on social media and has since racked up thousands of views.

"I wasn't expecting my video to go so crazy," she said. "I guess I underestimated how many people love whales."

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