New plans show scope of hotel | PHOTOS

Two new plans that have been released by the developers of a nine-storey hotel to be situated on the Whyalla Foreshore show the scope and size of their project.

Stage 1 of the hotel development will see the nine-storey building be constructed on the site of the Whyalla Foreshore Motor-Inn, with a 'Function and Conference Centre' to be located on the foreshore land nearby.

The plan also includes the location of the 'significant tree', which is the much-adored fig tree that many in the community have called for to remain.

Once the hotel is completed, stage 2 of the development will see 'crystal lagoons' installed, with waterfront restaurants and retail stores to be situated near the existing carpark.

Included in the lagoon will be a marina for water sports as well as a club house. A side view of the hotel was also released, showing the location of the 'infinity pool and sun lounge' which will be on the land outside the building.

Thrive Construct Chairman Barrie Harrop said the function centre would be on the private land of the hotel and would not impact on the pre-existing Whyalla Beach Cafe and Surf Life Saving Centre

"The hotel land is as far as we go," he said.

Asked whether access to the Whyalla Beach would be disrupted by the nine-storey hotel and crystal lagoons planned along the foreshore, Mr Harrop said the area was private property.

"There is a pathway through the Ada Ryan Gardens to the beach of course, there's the road access to the beach as well, we're not going to prohibit any of those accessways," he said.

"There's no access through the property to the beach, that's never been there since the 1960s."

CONCERNED: Long-time Whyalla resident Avril Wagner believes the nine-storey hotel should be built at Hummock Hill instead of the foreshore.

CONCERNED: Long-time Whyalla resident Avril Wagner believes the nine-storey hotel should be built at Hummock Hill instead of the foreshore.

But long-time Whyalla resident Avril Wagner believes the developers would be better off to situate the hotel on the side of Hummock Hill to avoid creating an eyesore which could block out sea views for residents.

Ms Wagner, who has lived in Whyalla since 1941, also took issue with the idea of bulldozing the existing Foreshore Motor-Inn to make way for the hotel, saying it wasn't 'adding more' to the town.

"it's just replacing that will affect a lot of beautiful things that have been done down the beach," she said.

"It's already been beautified, that part of the beach. If you stuck it on the side of Hummock Hill, near the road which goes down to the marina, the eight floors wouldn't block anyone's view."

"I don't know what the chance of getting land on Hummock Hill would be, but we've done nothing up there forever."

Mr Harrop said he considered Hummock Hill 'sacrosanct' and said building the hotel there would have been a 'challenge'.

"We certainly see opportunities with the marina land, with the marina being totally undeveloped of course," he said.

"There's opportunities for housing there in the future, but that's an ongoing discussion with the Whyalla City Council."

Ms Wanger said she had attempted to source plans for the hotel through council, but had not been successful as none had been lodged with the SA Planning Commission.

Mr Harrop said the plans would be lodged with the planning commission once they were 'refined' and ready for approval.