The Informer: Vics hit pause, frustration hits overdrive

No fast-forward, no play - just pause for Victoria. Again.
No fast-forward, no play - just pause for Victoria. Again.

It seems a little voyeuristic being on the outside of Victoria and looking in - no more so than today.

On the day it was hoped Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews would announce significant easing of restrictions, he instead put the brakes on for another day or two, calling it a "cautious pause" not a setback.

"I know it is frustrating," Mr Andrews said. "I know people are keen to have a long and detailed list of changes to the rules. It is not appropriate for us to do that now."

The state is waiting for the results of more than 1000 tests connected to the northern suburbs outbreak at East Preston Islamic College and Croxton Special School.

He's hoping to make significant announcements early this week and insists Melbourne is "still well and truly on track" to reopen in keeping with its initial November 1 timetable.

But the backlash came as fast as a Dustin Martin snap from the boundary line. The federal government, Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp and Victorian business groups weren't impressed.

Business Council of Australia chief executive Jennifer Westacott said traders could not continue hanging on week to week: "People are at a financial and mental breaking point."

It was the last straw for Alma Besserdin, a leadership expert and - now - former Victorian Australia Day ambassador.

She simply tweeted: "Today I resigned from the honourable position of a Victorian AUS Day Ambassador. I can't represent the government that doesn't represent its own people."

She attached her resignation to the Department of Premier and Cabinet said she regretted her decision but viewed the government's actions as a "complete attack on humanity. These are all the trademarks of a communist dictatorship that I never signed up for". You can read her statement in full here.

Meanwhile, the news was brighter for regional Victorian communities which will exhale again from 11.59pm Tuesday. From religious services to gyms, indoor pools and food courts, the easing has begun. Just not for everyone. Yet.

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