Orienteers take on Whyalla Wetlands

COMPETITIOR: Dave Medlin on a course near Hummock Hill

COMPETITIOR: Dave Medlin on a course near Hummock Hill

Results - Wetlands and Tower Hill 13-9-20

Course 1 - 6.1 km Time (min/sec)


Raymond Friedrich 42min, 49s

Jason Munday 45min, 6s

Joel Varcin 52min, 26s

Darren Bergmann 58min, 45s

Adrian Watson 70min, 28s

Andrew Schwenke 74min, 35s

John Brockhurst 99min, 52s

Course 2 - 5.1 km


Tonia Munday 50min, 31s

Alek Sims 57min, 52s

James Laurie 63min, 14s

Malcolm Huggett 78min, 2s

Course 3 - 3.4km


Beth Stevens 59min, 19s

Rodger Story 84min, 57s


Kori Symons & Glenn Smith 58min, 37s

Lynette, Darrin & Adam Veart 74min, 32s

Greg & Ruth Hancock 84min, 56s

Course 4 - 2.1 km


Willy Schmitz 119min, 16s


Kobe & Abi Smith 41min, 38s

Natasha Watson & Lilly Rossouw 48min, 36s

The next event is on Sunday, September 27 with the start location at the carpark next to and southwest of the Foreshore Motel with starts from 10 am to 1pm.

Further details are on the Saltbush Orienteers Facebook page and website.

To access the Saltbush Orienteers website you can head to https://www.sa.orienteering.asn.au/clubs/saltbush.