Local twins now TV famous

DOUBLE THE LOVE: Kanisha Harrison with her twins Dakota (left) and Alexis (right).

DOUBLE THE LOVE: Kanisha Harrison with her twins Dakota (left) and Alexis (right).

In a TV debut they'll certainly look back on fondly in the future, two local twins have starred in an advertisement for baby vitamins company Brauer.

Alexis and Dakota Harrison Pyett starred in Brauer's latest advert, both playing the part of a toddler who causes havoc for the parents by getting up to mischief, such as refusing to eat her meals and drawing on the walls.

Mother Kanisha Harrison said the opportunity sprung from a Facebook post requesting twins for a commercial, from which Alexis and Dakota where chosen out of 200 sets of twins for an audition.

A week after the audition, which involved looking at how the twins handled being on camera and around strangers, she got a phone call to let her know they had landed the role.

"We went down to Adelaide and did three days of filming...it was like a movie set, we were sitting in a green room which was someone's bedroom," Kanisha said.

Alexis and Dakota were both cast in the main role, but unfortunately Dakota was assigned to being the stunt double after accidentally scratching her face.

"Alexis was also able to sit up so they gave her any of the scenes that involved sitting, she was like a little monkey drawing on the wall and getting food all over her face," Kanisha said.


A very proud mother, Kanisha said it was very exciting to see the final advertisement and share it with her family and friends.

"The ad was something I could relate to as a mother, there's always food everywhere, always time for a bath and you're wondering about how dirty they're getting," she said.

"It will be sentimental to keep it forever and be able to show the kids what they did."

The twins are now 'on the books' for future advertisements with agent Mostly Kids.

Kanisha describes the 11-month-old twins as having differing personalities.

"Dakota is happy to sit and stare and take everything in, she's very easy-going, while Alexis is a bulldozer who likes to run amuck," she said.