Landfill closes under new waste plan

Whyalla is bidding farewell to its long-time waste disposal facility, with the Mount Laura Waste and Resource Recovery Centre set to close its doors.

IT comes as the city prepares to transfer all of its waste dispoal needs to a new $7 million purpose-built Waste and Resource Transfer Station.

Veolia was awarded the 10-year-contract to take over Whyalla's waste management last year, while a $250,000 grant from the state government has assisted in the construction of the new waste transfer station.

Work on the facility began in September 2019, and once its start date is confirmed council plans to run both sites concurrently for a further month.

The aim is to allow council to continue winding down its Mount Laura landfill operations, while giving Veolia the chance to work through any teething problems at the new site.

It will also provide a seamless transition for residents from one site to the next.

The new Transfer Station is designed to improve material segregation and landfill diversion by recovering materials more efficiently.

It will also ensure the safe and compliant treatment of waste and recyclables generated within the local region.

The changeover will not impact on curbside collection for residents, with Cleanaway having the contract to collect kerbside waste until 2021.

The new Waste and Resources Transfer Station is located in Whyalla's Industrial Estate at 41 Industry Drive, Whyalla Barson.