Margeurite Bennett pens a letter to find relatives who settled in Whyalla

Margeurite Bennett has penned a letter from Turkey to the Whyalla News in the hope of finding relatives who settled in Whyalla.

Dear Editor,

I am looking for relatives of my family...Clark family originally from Wynyard Park, north England.

My grandad had two brothers who jumped ship in Australia and settled in Whyalla.

My Aunty Maureen did a family tree of all my grandad's brothers and their children etc and I've been trying to find them.

I would like my daughter to know her family in Australia.

Unfortunately I can't ask Aunty Maureen because she isn't connected to the internet and I now live in Turkey.

Would you be able to help please?

Thanks in anticipation

Margeurite Bennett

Phone number - 0553 9607 605


Fethiye, Turkey