ON A KINDER OTE with Dolly's Dream: Keep children safe from scams during COVID-19

Scammers are taking advantage of isolation. Remember to always look out for texts, emails, phone calls and social media messages which claim to be from the government or other reputable places.


Promise to send you a COVID-19 vaccination, cure, remedy, testing kit, or cleaning service

Invite you to click on links about COVID-19 and/or provide personal information in relation to the virus

Claim to be from someone infected with COVID-19 and needing help

Tell you that you have been infected with COVID-19.

These messages spread malware and phishing scams, and steal data or money.

Discuss with your children:

Some people tell you things online that are not true.

It's important to keep our passwords and personal details private.

Learn to spot the signs of a scam:

Does it contain weird-looking web addresses?

Does it claim to be from one person, but show a different name in the email address?

Does it tell you to click on a link or open a file?

Does it invite you to take up a free offer?

If a stranger contacts you online, tell a trusted adult and don't respond to the messages.

  • From Dolly's Dream, helping parents and kids with online safety and bullying.