Dog centre at capacity

MISSING A DOG?: This six month-old female Kelpie arrived at the centre on March 20.

MISSING A DOG?: This six month-old female Kelpie arrived at the centre on March 20.

The RSPCA SA has encouraged anyone missing their dog to check the Whyalla City Council's dog-care facility, which is now almost at full capacity.

Five of the 12 dogs currently in care are strays that have no identification (no tags and not microchipped), despite it now being a legal requirement under the State's Dog and Cat Management Act to microchip all dogs and cats.

RSCPA SA currently manages the Animal Care Centre under contract with council, and is calling for owners missing their dogs to check if any of the five strays are theirs.

"To ensure the prompt return of animals, RSPCA South Australia reminds pet owners to update microchip details if they change addresses or phone numbers," said a company spokesperson.

"Anyone who loses a dog is urged to report it missing with both their local council and RSPCA South Australia, which can be done online at

"They should also check with local vets in case someone has brought their animal in."

It comes as the number of volunteers caring for animals at the RSPCA Whyalla Shelter drops by half due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The organisation is urging dog and cat owners to keep their animals contained to their properties for their safety and to avoid them ending up at already overloaded animal shelters.

Unless it is an emergency, people are also encouraged to avoid surrendering animals to reduce strain on RSPCA South Australia staff and remaining volunteers.

The current stray dogs in Whyalla's Animal Care Centre can be viewed at -