Time to get cooking

The Whyalla Norrie Country Women's Association (CWA) is encouraging people to use their time in isolation to learn to cook as restrictions continue to flow in due to the coronavirus pandemic.

SACWA Whyalla Norrie Branch President June Phillips-Smith said it was a good time to begin cooking, with a number of simple recipes available through the SACWA website.

"The recipes are easy to make - they come from a range of Recipe Books - Quick & Easy Recipe Books covering Main Meals, Desserts, Soups and so on," she said.

However Ms Phillips-Smith warned that people shouldn't be hoarding goods for the pantry at the risk of the more vulnerable people in the community.

"Normal purchasing of goods for the pantry is a wise move for all times, however, at the present time excessive buying of perishable goods especially at one time is not advisable," she said.

"This will probably result in food items being disposed of due to deterioration of the goods. Also, it disrupts the normal supply of goods as we have seen recently."

Ms Phillips-Smith has provided four recipes below that you can begin to stock up the freezer with.

If you are struggling to get food for yourself or your family, Whyalla's Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Branch is providing emergency relief.

SecondBite is available at the ADRA branch located at 64 Hincks Avenue from Monday-Thursday 10:30am-1pm.

Whyalla Coordinator Helen Hiscock said ADRA were 'here to help anyone who needs genuine help'.

"We will help out between those hours and make sure that all safety provisions are taken to ensure it's done in a safe way," she said.

"If you're at home isolating don't come here, if you're in an emergency give us a call and we can allocate someone to drop a meal off to you."