It's about more than sport

FANATICS: Liverpool is one of the biggest football clubs in England.
FANATICS: Liverpool is one of the biggest football clubs in England.

What I really missed was the social side of the sport, the banter in the dressing room, belting out a song after a win

Neville Paterson

Like everyday life, the sport world is experiencing unprecedented times with many sports both professional and amateur being suspended or even cancelled altogether as the world authorities grapple with the spread of coronavirus .

It got me wondering about what sport not only means to me, but to everyone around the world as they are forced to watch re-runs or matches in empty stadiums to get their fix. Is it just more than the game itself they miss ?

When I retired from playing soccer many moons ago I had an emptiness for a couple of years that I couldn't replace or replicate in everyday life .

Initially I thought I missed playing , competing, kicking the ball and tussling with my opponent and to a degree I did but I soon realised it was much more than that .

What I really missed was the social side of the sport . The banter in the dressing room , belting out a song after a win and enjoying a cold one with my teammates and opposition as we decipher every detail of the game and the big moments.

Sport brings together people like nothing else , wether it's playing, watching or supporting your team either in a professional arena or at the local parks and grounds .

The super bowl , FA Cup final and the AFL grand final have become huge social events as family and friends gather around TVs with BBQs and drinks that become an all day event with the sport being the main reason but at times can become second fiddle to the actual party .

Passion for sport goes back centuries as Gladiators fought to the death and chariots thundered around the arena's for entertainment and like today it was a social event on the calendars for the people of the day to look forward too and it didn't matter if you were old or young , it was there for everyone.

Some of the greatest moments in history have been in our sporting arena's .

Jesse Owens winning 4 gold medals in front of a displeased Adolf Hilter or Damien Oliver riding Media Puzzle to victory in the Melbourne cup only days after his brother died are in trenched in the memories of many .

It's hard to imagine a world without sport but what we are all experiencing at the moment gives us all a glimpse of what it would be like .