'Home' is where the heart is

TEAM: From left, Banjo player Tristan Dafoe, Brie Ryan and producer Jordan Power.

TEAM: From left, Banjo player Tristan Dafoe, Brie Ryan and producer Jordan Power.

For Whyalla folk singer/songwriter Brie Ryan, the coronavirus pandemic was badly timed.

She had to isolate herself during her 18th birthday, and has been significantly impacted by the cancellation of a number of shows, including the uneARTh Festival.

But it's not all bad news, before the pandemic ramped up Brie was able to finish laying down the tracks for her debut EP with Aria award-winning producer Jordan Power.

Brie traveled to Byron Bay for the recording sessions, which she described as 'a very inspiring place to record music'.

"The songs sound amazing, almost too good for my first recording session," she said.

"The studio was amazing as well. I got to see all of Powderfinger's/Bernard Fanning's Aria awards."

Brie is currently deciding on the order of songs for the EP, and plans to announce the release dates for the album and the debut single, "Home", soon.

She paid tribute to her family for supporting her during the recording session and encouraging her to go after the opportunity.

"I am so grateful to have this amazing experience at such a young age," Brie said.

"I am grateful to have worked with such an amazing producer for my first lot of music and very grateful for my family for giving me this opportunity since it never would've happened if it wasn't for them."

Brie said the impact of the coronavirus on the music industry had been significant, and that she had lost 'quite a lot' of work because of cancelled/postponed gigs, concerts and festivals.

"But to keep positive I have decided to release my music during this time so that the people at home have something to do," she said.

"It is a very hard time for musicians so it is best if we help support in other ways like streaming their music and stayed connected on social media.

"I plan to keep busy on social media and keep people updated."