Gig City era begins

The first connection tower for the Whyalla City Council's ultra fast Gig City network is being established at the Middleback Arts Centre, improving the centre's internet and allowing for exciting possibilities such as live streaming and gaming events.

Workers from Adelaide-based company MIMP Connecting Solutions, who are undertaking the $1 million state government Gig City project, were on site on Thursday to begin connecting fibre-optic cable.

Middleback Arts Centre Manager Ryan Sutherland said the upgrade would allow the centre to offer diversified programming, including the ability to live stream content onto the big screen.

"Concerts or sporting events that are happening around the world could be live streamed here, which is great," she said.

"We're hoping that further down the track we can arrange some gaming competitions with the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre in Mount Gambier, because they are also having the Gig City internet installed.

"We haven't had the ability to stream things in the past because of unreliable internet. The opportunity to set up a gaming competition in the foyer and then have some of the winners compete against people in Mount Gambier on the big screen is super exciting.

"In regards to conferences we would have the capacity to stream speakers from around the world and allow for live interaction between them and the audience.

"The internet will open a big market for us to have conferences in our region."

City of Whyalla Acting CEO Kristen Clark said Whyalla was one of the first regional cities to become part of the Gig City network.

"It's an opportunity for any of the businesses in Whyalla who want to get on board and use the internet. Because of Gig City our upload and download speeds are going to be 20 times faster than what they've been in the past," he said.

"I imagine for some businesses it will make banking and ordering more reliable. This also opens the world up to Whyalla, in terms of online advertising this will be a big help."

At this stage the Gig City network is only available for businesses, but Mr Clark says there may be opportunities in the future for residents to get on board.