Local delivering key fire supplies

Whyalla resident Cherilee Bagshaw has harnessed the community spirit to provide critical supplies for areas affected by Australia's bushfire crisis.

Mrs Bagshaw has been collecting items such as fresh food, bottled water, burn cream, bandages, gauze, blankets and much more from the community over the past month.

The supplies have been delivered to the South Australian Bushfire Emergency Relief (SABER) and the Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital, with Cherliee and other locals making the trip down to Adelaide to drop them off.

"People have offered to take down whatever they can fit in the back of their cars, so that's been really good. We've had three carloads go so far and another two to go after this," Mrs Bagshaw said.

Mrs Bagshaw said she wanted to find a way to support both people and animals that had been affected by the rampant bushfires.

"I put a post up on Facebook for people to drop supplies off at my shop and within a day I already had a trailer-load of items. It was pretty amazing how many people contacted me through Facebook and wanted to donate," she said.

"It makes me feel like I've been able to do something to help out. I love living in Whyalla because people living here have big hearts, and they're able to band together when they need to.

"I'm really proud of what the people of Whyalla have been able to achieve."

Mrs Bagshaw said most of the medical supplies would be going to Kangaroo Island for Kangaroos and Koalas that have been injured by the bushfires.

"The medical supplies are really important because these agencies go through that type of stuff quite a lot, some of the chemists gave people discounts on these supplies because they knew they were going to be donated," she said.

The last two drop-offs for Mrs Bagshaw will include medical supplies, bottled water, paper towels and hand sanitizers going to SABER.

Mrs Bagshaw thanked Samuel Wannan, Lyn Burd, Kellie Laherstorfer, Michelle Kenyon and Tarnya Elsby for delivering carloads of supplies to Adelaide.

No more donations are being collected at this stage.