Eyre serve up a feast | PHOTOS

Edward John Eyre High School students once again put on a fantastic Feast for All the Senses on Wednesday, combining art, food, music, design and woodwork to make for a very special night.

Art students showcased their works in a gallery while the school band performed live, hospitality students catered for the masses using the school's new kitchen, and design students displayed their impressive creations.

Year 12 art student Rahda Tucker opened the Feast for All the Senses with a speech that touched on how she put together her major art piece which featured Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

"Personally I enjoyed having freedom to choose my own themes and materials for me assignments. I normally work with digital media and pushed myself to try new techniques," she said.

"This included lino prints for my second major piece. I am proud of my end result which took five weeks to create, influences for this design came from the 'pop art' culture.

"After studying art at school I plan to go to university to study interior design."

Year 11 student Chelsea Hurst had a collection of artworks on display, featuring animals including a panther, dog, dinosuar and a bird.

She also showcased a water colour painting that was inspired by the popular video game Fortnite.

"Painting and drawing are my biggest hobbies and my best talent," she said.

Chelsea's favourite painting out of those she had submitted was a full-detail colour piece inspired by American animated series Beast Wars.

"One of the characters is a velociraptor and I wanted to paint him. I added in some leaves to set the scene and the flowers and butterflies represented my interests," she said.

"When I first began painting that's what I was working on - butterflies and flowers."

Chelsea said she was 'really happy' to get the opportunity to showcase her artwork to fellow students and parents.

"I feel honoured...it's great to get all these compliments, I've had some positive feedback already," she said.

Assistant Principal Kirsty Patterson said the school's new professional kitchen gave the hospitality students the chance to hone their skills.

"Our students are cooking for a range of events, they've catered for Melbourne Cup lunches, staff morning teas, school partnership meetings and they'll also have their own restaurant which will open next year," she said.

"All the work displayed at the Feast for All the Senses counts towards students' SACE subjects."