More accolades for Stormfront

MUSOS: Stromfront Productions Alison Hams and Mark Tempany.
MUSOS: Stromfront Productions Alison Hams and Mark Tempany.

The accolades keep coming for Whyalla's own Stormfront Productions with two finalist berths in statewide awards this month.

Having launched three debut artists through the Whyalla Recording Scholarship in 2019 Stormfront is a finalist in the South Australian Music Awards for "Best Manager".

This follows their "Best Studio" Top 5 position in 2017 achieved on the back of inaugural WRS winner Breeze Millard's Debut Single "I Have My Own Life".

"We tutor the musician in their playing and performance, mentor them through songwriting and arrangement then record and release their single. We can then direct, film and edit music videos and manage publicity and live performances. We think that's pretty unique, and for WRS, we do that all for free" said Mark Tempany.

On top of WRS and their own careers as recording artists and music tutors, Stormfront is also busy with event management and community work.

Mark and his wife and business partner Alison Hams say the statewide recognition positively highlights Whyalla as well.

"We only work for the benefit of others, to the highest professional standards. When awards come along we see that as another way to shine a light on our Region and the International standard of music being made right here". Ms Hams said.

November also sees Alison as a TOP 5 finalist in the "Regional Star" category of the SA WOMAN Awards.

These Awards recognise and celebrate the contributions of women in business across South Australia, highlighting their impact across a number of sectors including entrepreneurship and community.

"The performing arts are often not taken seriously in the world of business, so this is an honour and a thrill" she said.