Double feature for D'faces

SHOW READY: The D'faces of Youth Arts crew are excited to bring two plays to the big stage next week.
SHOW READY: The D'faces of Youth Arts crew are excited to bring two plays to the big stage next week.

D'faces of Youth Arts are hitting the big stage with not one, but two unique productions that are sure to wow you.

The crew will be performing a double feature of "King of Nowhere" and "The Incredible Book-Eating Boy" at the D'faces of Youth Hall on Viscount Slim Avenue on Friday, November 15 at 7pm and Saturday, November 16 at 1:30pm.

"King of Nowhere" tells the story of a group of kids living in a shared home with poor conditions. To help deal with the problems in their everyday life, two children decide to create an imaginary world in the basement.

Meanwhile "The Incredible Book-Eating Boy" is based on the book by Oliver Jeffers, which focuses on Henry, a boy who loves to eat books. By eating these books, Henry begins to absorb lots of information which presents a number of challenges he has to overcome.

Drama Tutor Michal Hughes said the cast had enjoyed workshopping their own roles for "The King of Nowhere".

"When we first started with that script it was not nearly what it is now. So we've workshopped pretty much everything that was already in there, we've let the kids write their own characters," she said.

"That's been a really cool process. King of Nowhere is about finding a way to deal with and fight through the negative that we face in our lives."

Ms Hughes said the crew had been hard at work getting both plays stage-ready.

"The casting has been pretty well balanced, those who play minor characters in one play leads in another and they haven't been too confused about doing two plays," she said.

Chloe Martin is playing Mrs Reid AKA The Dragon in "King of Nowhere", who is the owner of the orphange feared by the kids because of how poorly she treats them.

"This play has been really fun and I've made lots of friends doing it," she said.

"I'm really nervous about getting the play on stage."

Fellow cast member Jazmyn Stevens is playing Helen, the main character of "King of Nowhere", who creates the imaginary world inside the secret basement.

"She's quite imaginative and she manages to create this whole new world where she's a princess using just her imagination," she said.

"I like playing her because she's a strong-willed character who is shy at first but once you get to know her you learn that she's a strong, independent person.

"She gets to show the kids that used to bully her who's boss."

Tickets to D'faces performance will be $5 at the door.