Vandalism leads to call for help

SIMEC Mining is seeking the public's help in preventing damage to its train line fence, which is critical in ensuring the safety of residents by preventing potentially fatal interactions with moving trains.

Vandals have repeatedly cut holes in the fence line - particularly near the Arthur Glennie Drive overpass (Norrie Avenue extension) and adjacent Hummock Hill - causing thousands of dollars in damage.

According to Head of Hematite Operations, Jacqui Higgins, as well as the ongoing vandalism resulting in unnecessary and costly repairs, these vandals are also putting their lives at risk.

"The main reason the fence line exists is to prevent interactions between members of the public and trains," Mrs Higgins said.

"An average of 35 people are killed in railrelated incidents in Australia every year, so we don't want a community member to become a statistic.

"Making matters worse is the ongoing waste of time and money in continually fixing this damage."

Mrs Higgins said there had unfortunately been numerous trainrelated incidents over recent years, including senseless vandalism; vehicles crossing the tracks illegally; trespassing within the rail corridor; and interference with trains.

She said the safety of residents was SIMEC's utmost concern. However, the business would not hesitate to involve authorities and pursue these matters further if it was the only course of action to convey the severity of such actions and the likely consequences.

To assist with this, SIMEC is calling on residents to help.

"We have increased our patrols and surveillance of the train lines for trespassing and illegal activity, however we need the public's help," she said.

"If any residents notice anything suspicious around our train operations - particularly along the fence line - we encourage you to report it to police by phoning 131 444, or our security team on 8640 4192.

"We just hope that it doesn't take a serious injury or fatality - which will have impacts right throughout our community, not just on the individual - for people to realise that this behaviour is extremely dangerous and lifethreatening."