Jetty steel on the way

The benefits of the Council-managed jetty project are starting to flow for the Whyalla economy and community.

The first shipments of donated GFG Alliance steel are being sent to another local company - Ferretti International - for fabrication.

About 140 tonnes of steel beams and columns are being delivered from the Whyalla steelworks to Ferretti where they will be fabricated and coated to form the main platform for the innovative new jetty.

Ferretti has already taken delivery of the supporting piles from another Australian supplier (this product is not produced by GFG Alliance), and these are now being coated and painted in preparation for construction .

Council CEO Chris Cowley said it was a proud moment for the City of Whyalla as the move to manage this generational project was now starting to pay dividends. Council took on the management of the jetty project to ensure as much local material and labour as possible was used in its construction.

"This steel being loaded up and moved across to another local company validates Council's decision to keep the management of this project in-house and push for as much local content as possible in the new jetty," Mr Cowley said.

"This steel movement is an amazing outcome and continues the local legacy of this project as we use GFG steel, local companies and local workers.

"We could have bought a jetty off the shelf from some overseas company with overseas materials, labourers and suppliers but the fact we've managed this project means we are seeing work flow to local companies and local workers with new jobs being created."

"As a Council we couldn't be more proud. It has been a long time in the planning but I am so excited that the community can now start to touch, feel and take ownership of this jetty as it takes shape."

GFG Alliance Media and Communications Manager Sean Kelly said the company - in particular its Executive Chairman Sanjeev Gupta - was rapt to be involved in a community project that is producing a world-class jetty.

"We are extremely proud to be part of this project," Mr Kelly said.

"This is truly local steel - made from iron ore from the Middleback Ranges and processed through the Whyalla Steelworks, before being dispatched to local fabricators.

"It's fantastic that the hard work of local steel workers is producing this world-class steel that is making a significant contribution to a unique and world-class jetty, and it's all happening right here in Whyalla."

Ferretti General Manager Dave Evans said the project was not only providing critical work for the local operation it was also allowing the company's Whyalla operation to start employing more apprentices. Ferretti will fabricate and paint the steel from GFG Alliance before making the framework structures for the jetty.

"This is an absolutely fantastic project for Ferretti, it is exactly the sort of work we want to undertake and exactly the reason we set this business up in Whyalla," Mr Evans said.

"Our state-of-the-art paint shop has already painted the piles and will paint these structures, so it is really good project for all our workers ... the engineers, fabricators, welders and painters.

"It will allow us to increase apprentices ... and will involve roughly 20 workers over a period of about ten or 12 weeks."

"We are a new business in the community. To be involved in such an important community project makes it a great project for everyone."

Any enquiries on this project, or others, can be made by calling Council on 8640 3444 during office hours, by submitting a customer enquiry on our websi