Nation's postal service is a mess

Australia Post is a mess now days. My son has a caravan parked at Port Clinton.

He was there and sent himself a letter to his Adelaide address.

This letter took 27 days to arrive at his home. I still have not got all of my Father's Day cards yet.

Seems a lot of people stop writing letters because of these kind of hold ups. I do all I can on the PC.

And now Australia Post are about to put up the price of stamps.

Also thankfully good people do come and place the letters in the right letterbox even if it be a street away or in the same street as many letters get dumped in the wrong letter boxes.

It seems also that five B-Doubles do a trip to Melbourne nightly to get the mail sorted, meaning that if I send a letter from Whyalla to Pt Pirie, it goes from Whyalla to Adelaide then Melbourne and then back to Adelaide and then back to Pt Pirie etc. How good is that ...

R Hale, Myall Place

SS Iron Crown

The secret acts of World War II prevented the news getting out that a Japanese torpedo sunk the SS "Iron Crown" in Bass Strait in 1942 with the loss of life of 38 merchantmen out of a crew of 44.

The ship was transporting manganese ore from Whyalla to Newcastle.

The ship was only found in April 2019.

The descendants of the crew attended a memorial service in Melbourne on September 3, 2019 and received medals on behalf of the crew.

This is the first I had heard of the loss of a merchant ship transporting iron ore by a marauding Japanese submarine in the Southern Ocean and Bass Strait during World War II.

Patricia James, Whyalla

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