Local people, place and community

Member for Giles Eddie Hughes.

Member for Giles Eddie Hughes.

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Whyalla has been my home for many years and over those years I have seen the good times and the not so good times.

The one thing that has been a constant over all those years has been the people of Whyalla and the community we have built.

We are a down to earth community, we don't have airs and graces and we don't pretend to be something we are not. We are a solid working-class community and proud of it.

I have always found Whyalla to be a very open community.

In some places you are still an outsider after twenty years but in Whyalla you are quickly embraced.

It does not take long to become one of us.

That is probably a reflection of our history and the fact that people did come from around our state, our nation and the world to live and work here.

Work and its availability have nearly always been the magnet and it still is.

It is why the delivery on much that has been said needs to take on a solid form.

We want our young people, and our not so young, to have the opportunity and choice that comes with work.

I know that in my life it was a job at the steelworks that put me in a position to pursue other opportunities.

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Three generations of my family have now worked at the steelworks so what the future holds has always been deeper than a usual politician's commitment to an electorate's major industry.

What the future holds is a question I now get about Whyalla on a frequent basis, both from residents and people that live elsewhere.

We have had a lot of positive publicity.

I don't have a crystal ball so I say there is a spectrum of possibilities.

There is much work going on behind the scenes and we all want to see the projects talked about delivered so that we do have a bright future.

Irrespective of what the future holds Whyalla is my home.

From the moment I got here as a ten year old child we had the freedom to wander far and wide.

The bush, the mangroves and creeks and the sea became our second home.

We swam, fished, camped and walked.

The sense of space and place becomes part of you.

Family, people and place make a home.

Whyalla is my home.