A great way to tell your dog he's a good boy

Robyn was on the hunt for premium, Australian-made dog treats for her cavaliers when she realised there wasn't really anywhere to buy them in town. She started doing her research, began ordering treats and after troubleshooting a couple of problems she put together the perfect mixed bag and posted it on Facebook.

"The post went nuts," Doggie Deli owner, Robyn said.

"That's when it dawned on me that I wasn't the only one in town who was seeking quality, Australian-made treats for their dogs at affordable prices."

"Quite often people are completely unaware that the food they are feeding their dog isn't complete and balanced or it's of a poor quality. The message is finally getting out there that fresh is best and there are so many great quality Australian made foods that don't break the budget, from raw, to cooked, to freeze-dried."

"That is how this amazing journey began and I've learnt so much along the way, it's been incredible being able to help so many people and their much-loved fur babies."

Robyn started the Doggie Deli business from home while still holding down a full-time job. The dog treat side of things gradually took over and she gave up her job to pursue her growing passion.

"We offer premium dog foods, treats, toys, nail trims and a DIY dog bath in store," Robyn said.

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"Free advice is always available also, whether it be because you need to get weight off your beloved four-legged friend or if your dog has a skin condition, we can assist."

"We also sell cat food and treats, live bugs for lizards and frogs, frozen foods for turtles and reptiles, reptile lighting, supplements and much more."

"We specialise in dogs, so whether it's a food query, weight loss query or a dog that likes to chew, we can help."

Doggie Deli is locally owned and operated and Robyn promotes South Australian and Australian made products where possible.

"We have an abundant amount of knowledge on the products we sell and pride ourselves on the fact we can explain to you why each and every product is good or not so good for your particular dog," Robyn said.

"We are friendly, caring and willing to help with whatever problems you are having with your pooch. If we can't help, we will know someone who can."

"Whyalla has a very loyal community, I often get asked, 'can you get this for me please, I'd rather buy local than order online,' that warms my heart."

"We do frequent fundraisers for our local RSPCA shelter and our customers and many other dog lovers always get behind them and make them a huge success like our recent Bark in the Park we held in July."

Call 8645 3639 or go to www.facebook.com/doggiedeliwhyalla