Sickening news on TV

It was so sickening and hard to be able to write to the Whyalla News 'have your say' about what was on the Channel 9 News on August 4 about those who own and neglect these poor animals.

There needs to be very tough sentences. Either take and sell the car and help the RSPCA with the cost to make the animals well again.

And you cannot buy or use another car for five years and never have an animal ever again.

If they do not own a car, try five years in jail with no early release.

But you may say 'oh they could lose their job'. Oh dear.

This sort of badness has got to be stopped.

The authorities must monitor the bad ones to see that they do not get another car etc.

R Hale, Myall Place

Taking drugs in sport

Taking part in Olympics sports or any other sports, taking drugs for a booster to make you perform better, you don't have much faith in your performance if you can't perform without the drug booster.

Well, I suggest to give to give up swimming and other sports.

You don't cheat in any sport as you are letting members of your team down.

How could you accept a medal like that, if you can't win it without cheating.

If you did not win it fairly, they should take the medals back and expel you from swimming for four years.

Not to mention how your parents and family are feeling, also your teammates.

If I did that I would give up sports.

Connie Austin, Whyalla Stuart


Friday, 23 August is Daffodil Day, Cancer Council's iconic fundraising event that raises vital funds to support cancer research.

Research is the key to unlocking the answers to a cancer free future.

Thanks to investment in research, amazing advancements have been made in cancer prevention, screening and treatment-helping to increase survival rates from 49 per cent in the 1980s to 69 per cent today.

However, there is still more work to be done.

By making a donation this Daffodil Day, you will be supporting South Australia's best and brightest research minds through Cancer Council's Beat Cancer Project.

A unique collaboration between Cancer Council SA, the State Government, SAHMRI and the Universities, the Project funds the states leading researchers, enabling them to work towardsthe next cancer breakthrough.

When you purchase a bunch of fresh daffodils or a pin from a site near year you this Daffodil Day, you will not only be giving the gift of hope.

You will also be funding vital cancer research that has the potential to save countless South Australian lives.

On behalf of the 27 South Australians diagnosed with cancer every single day, thank you so much. Your support makes an incredible, life-saving difference.

Lincoln Size, chief executive, Cancer Council SA

(You can find a site near you or donate online by visiting or by phoning 1300 65 65 85)


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