Ship shines in illuminart display | PHOTOS

The HMAS Whyalla shone bright in the darkness as moving images from a collection of film and photographs flashed across the vessel's surface.

This was the spectacle that more than 500 people turned up to see at the Whyalla Visitor Centre on Saturday.

The event was part of illuminart's Travelling Light show. Traveling Light is the final stage of illuminart's Port to Port project, and part of the South Australia's Living Artists Festival (SALA) Projection Art Tour.

The show featured some of the unique stories that have been made in Whyalla, combined with other animations from across South Australia which connected Whyalla with other Ports and regions.

Visitor Services Officer Fiona Moellner said the light show went down a treat with those that attended.

"It was absolutely brilliant...using the ship for a projection is something we've wanted to do for a while now and this is exactly what we were hoping for," she said.

"A majority of the feedback has been positive, a lot of people were wowed by it. Hopefully it will be even bigger next time."

Ms Moellner said the success of the illuminart event could open the door for future events such as screening a movie or displaying art on the HMAS Whyalla.

"This gives us a little nudge in the right direction. Events like these are really different and unique and so far the community has loved it so it will be exciting to see where we go from here," she said.

Find out more about the project at and discover where else the Whyalla stories will be shared along the touring route.