Planting seeds for the future | PHOTOS

Stuart High School students recently 'gave back' to the planet by planting a number of native trees in the school garden.

In the lead-up to planting the trees, students learned about sustainability and the environment in the classroom while also participating in a litter competition, with the student who picked up the most litter around school grounds winning a Whyalla Show ticket.

Another part of the project saw students put together a report about how they could reduce their carbon footprint to help slow the advent of global warming.

A total of 20 kids worked together to plant several trees with the help of groundsman Ian Conlin. The garden was officially opened on Friday.

Student Support Officer Charlie Beaty said the students had fully embraced the environmental theme, with "Save the Turtles!" being their rally cry.

"Hopefully we will run it again next year, the kids loved it," she said.

"We're planting native trees so they're learning about why that is important. The Year 8's can keep looking after the trees as they get older."