Orienteers win at relays

The annual competition between orienteers from Whyalla and Pt Lincoln took place at Salt Creek on July 21. The courses were set by Alan Holland in varied land features of mallee scrub, low hills, gullies and many creeks.

There were equal numbers from Saltbush and Lincoln clubs and teams were composed of three participants and there were three course lengths, about 2.9 km, 3.9 km and 4.9 km. The fastest Saltbush club in the A course comprised Darren Bergmann, Jason Munday and Adrian Watson and they received the Ironstone Trophy. The fastest of the B teams was the Saltbush team who comprised John Paterson, Greg Hancock and James Laurie and they received the Jade Trophy. The fastest of the C teams was Lincoln comprising of Cath Dickie, Bella White and Ben White and they received the Quartz trophy. The overall trophy was won by Saltbush with 16 points and Lincoln received 10 points. The last time the Saltbush club won it was in 2015.

The full results are on the Saltbush orienteers' website and facebook page together with the details and directions to the next local event on Sunday 11th August at Moonabie South.