Connecting local business

CONNECTIONS: Whyalla is set to become one of the first regional GigCities in South Australia.
CONNECTIONS: Whyalla is set to become one of the first regional GigCities in South Australia.

Whyalla is set to become one of the first regional GigCities in South Australia.

Many hours of work between the City of Whyalla and the State Government will come to fruition his year when Whyalla businesses gain access to high-speed gigabit internet.

Innovation Minister David Pisoni has announced Whyalla and Mt Gambier will be the first regional cities to be connected to the GigCity network by Adelaide company MIMP Connecting Solutions, through a $1 million State Government funded project.

Council CEO Chris Cowley said GigCity would be a game changer for Whyalla business and the local economy.

"GigCity is an essential element for the transformation of Whyalla, which will allow businesses to gain a technological competitive advantage and drive innovation," he said.

"Every business in Whyalla could benefit from this.

"When up and running, Whyalla business will be able to sign up to an internet service that will provide 1 gigabit download and upload speeds.

"That is about 20 times quicker than currently available in Whyalla."

Whyalla Mayor Clare McLaughlin said the announcement was a credit to the State Government for its investment in regional development that will become a catalyst for the growth and sustainability of our region.

"It will be a game changer for many businesses in Whyalla that will not only help in business operations but also has the potential to attract more businesses to our city," she said.

"The potential is unlimited in regards to the city's economy now and in the near future.

"Congratulations to our Council staff, especially CEO Chris Cowley, for nearly two year's work on this project that has once again put Whyalla on the front foot when it comes to business, investment and community development."

Minister Pisoni said businesses in Whyalla will be able to take up the service at prices comparable to those available in metropolitan Adelaide GigCity precincts - ranging from $49.90 to $179.90 per month (ex GST), depending on the size of the business and the chosen plan.

"Building the GigCity network to additional precincts is a key action item within the state's strategic action plan for future industries and entrepreneurship, or the FIXE strategy," Minister Pisoni said.

"MIMP Connecting Solutions has begun preliminary works to build a new wireless broadband network and eligible businesses in both cities will be invited to register their interest to connect soon."

MIMP's General Manager Stephen Fitzgerald said the broadband speeds of 1 gigabit per second meant start-ups and growth-focused businesses of all sizes can work with partners at home and around the world to develop and share opportunities and access new markets.

"MIMP Connecting Solutions has been a supporter of regional SA for many years and is very excited to be able to work with the South Australian Government and the two City Councils to extend GigCity to Whyalla and Mt Gambier via this initiative," he said.

GigCity locations in Adelaide's innovation precincts and co-working spaces have provided businesses with the capability for large scale image processing and simulation, augmented reality, data analytics, cloud computing and film and media production.

Acting President of the Whyalla Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Peter Klobucar said it was "fantastic news" for the city.

"This is transformational for our community, world class infrastructure that will be the envy of our peers," Mr Klobucar said.

"The possibilities are endless ... it's not unreasonable to think that Whyalla could become SA's regional 'silicon valley'."

Whyalla businesses interested in finding out more or registering their interest can contact MIMP Connecting Solutions direct (08) 8292 5400 or email

The GigCity services is for businesses only. The service is only available to businesses with MIMP looking at the possibility of a faster service for home users.