Walking, talking, football! | PHOTOS

A slower version of the beautiful game is being played on Wednesday nights at the Whyalla Recreation Centre, with a focus on good fun, good exercise and good comradeship.

Walking Football - a game of non-contact soccer where running is banned - was recently started up in Whyalla by Organiser John Ledington.

It regularly attracts 10-15 players and is divided into over 50's and under 50's. The game is played in five-a-side formation with two 30-minute halves.

Mr Ledington said the aim of the game is to allow older people to play the game with respect and without the fear of getting hurt.

"We all get together and have a chat afterwards, it's a really fun way to exercise," he said.

"Most people who play the game for the first time do find it hard not to run, but if they enjoy it they do come back."

Mr Ledington said Walking Football is a very pass-centric game that rewards players who use their head.

"We had a guy come over from Melbourne named Alex who wrote a glowing e-mail about how much he enjoyed playing Walking Football," he said.

"At the end of the day it gets guys out of the house and talking to each other. It's important people meet face-to-face rather than just online."

Walking Football was first played in England back in 2005 and has since grown to become a nationally-recognised game, with the International Walking Football Federation recently holding the World Cup in London.

It's played around Australia as well, including in Queensland. Ex-Whyalla player Alan Templeton runs the Walking Football group in Queensland, with 150 registered players participating.

If you want to get involved in Walking Football, it's held each Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm at the Whyalla Recreation Centre. It's free to watch, and $5 to play - just bring both a black shirt and a white shirt.

There's also a group of women who come together to play on Friday nights, with around five mother-daughter pairs participating in walking football.

"The walking is the equaliser for that sort of thing, that's been really positive," Organiser Nadine Britton said.

"One woman who wasn't an overly active person said that walking football was a really good opportunity to meet different people. It's a great chance for these women to get out and have a laugh."

Women are encouraged to attend walking football at 6:45pm on Fridays at the Whyalla Leisure Centre to be ready to play at 7pm. Teams are made up on the night.

A showcase of Walking Football will be held at Edward John Eyre High School on Sunday, August 18 from 11am-12pm.