Learning the ropes

Whyalla Bowling Club completed another eight weeks of coaching for Year 12 Eyre High students, introducing the novice players to lawn bowls. The coaching has been very popular with the students, as per previous years, with many students showing a natural talent for the game, improving their skills and competitiveness through the coaching period.

Belinda McEvoy from Eyre High organised a well behaved group of students, with the club's coaching team pleased with the interest shown by the students, their attention to coaching, and the overall improvement of all those taking part.

The club's coaching team included coordinator Jeff Fell, and club members Maureen and Bill Hunt, Wayne Bishop and Ken Millard. As per previous years, they saw a number of students who would do well in more competitive lawn bowls games.

The club's student coaching will continue with other schools through the year, and hopefully after being introduced to the game some of the younger players will continue in the sport, either through night owls or more competitive pennant formats.

The confirmation of further sponsorship by Liberty Steel to be used towards student coaching and equipment is appreciated by the students involved and the members of the club.