Rotary provide a musical donation

The Rotary Club of Whyalla have made an investment in Whyalla's musical future, by providing a generous donation to the Whyalla Recording Scholarship (WRS).

The $1000 donation was made during Rotary's Changeover Dinner on Saturday at the Westland Hotel, where President-elect Keith Sichler was handed the reigns from outgoing President Perry Eden.

Distinguished guests who attended the special evening included Member for Giles Eddie Hughes and District Governor David Egan.

Mr Sichler addressed the meeting about his plans for the club going into the future.

Entertainment on the evening was provided by Whyalla Recording Scholarship winners Jaylee Daniels and Shakira Lea who impressed the audience with their award-winning talent.

Mark Tempany and Alison Hams from Stormfront Productions welcomed the donation and said it helped ensure the WRS could continue into the future.

"This year in particular we have three winners who still have music videos to do in the next three or four months, so this donation is going to be a massive helping hand," Mark said.

"It's great to see the development of all the kids who have gone through this process...that's really what makes this worthwhile."

Mr Sichler said the recording scholarship fit with Rotary's aim of fostering young talent and encouraging young people to fulfill their dreams.

"Shakira and Jaylee were quite amazing...the applause that they got just went on and on and on, they were really oustanding," he said.

Mr Sichler has been involved in Rotary for the past 30 years and locally since 1996. He says the role of president is 'always exciting'.

"It's always an exciting role because even as a rotarian you're still part of the action. As President you have that shade more influence on what happens," he said.

"You've got responsibilities to the public and serve the community."