Big hill challenge for club cyclists

ROAD RACE: Sean Larsen (second) and big Phil Smith (winner of the event) in action at the weekend..

ROAD RACE: Sean Larsen (second) and big Phil Smith (winner of the event) in action at the weekend..

Tackling Hummock Hill after a 60-kilometre road race on Saturday, June 15, was a big ask for the 12 riders who started.

With fine weather and light north-westerly winds had the pace high with two scratch riders chasing 24 minutes behind the other riders on handicap starts according to their performance level. The course was from the club to Iron Baron turn off and return to Hummock Hill via a modified detour due to road works on Lincoln Highway.

With four groups off at staggered starts and Cooper Jacobs U17 at 20 minutes off on his own. The first two groups caught up around 20kms and this leading group was Sean Larsen, Phil Smith and Derek Siwek who worked well keeping a steady pace for the whole race. Paul Waring and Adrian Wilson buddied up prior to the Baron turn around where Paul W tried for a quick exit sideways into soft gravel and it hurt. He remounted and continued working with Adrian W and both were excused from the gruelling hill by official Paul Jacobs to go direct to the clubhouse.

The third group included Emma Mardon, Danny Ronan and Tom Rabig who picked up Fritz Fargher for a good part of the race. The mighty trio of Cooper Jacobs, Tony Kingdon (Pt Lincoln) and Dylan Kaulins (Pt Augusta) showed their skill and tenacity rotating through the leads.

With the punishing last efforts up Hummock Hill with legs paining and bodies running on empty, nine riders finished to a cheering crowd. Big Phil Smith showed his strength finishing first ahead of Sean Larsen (2nd) returning in good form and Derek Siwek (3rd) back in the saddle after a cycling accident. These riders were only seven seconds ahead of scratch marker Dylan Kaulins who was fastest rider 38km/hr and fourth. Young Cooper sterling effort (5th), Tony Kingdon (6th), Emma Mardon (7th), Tom Rabig (8th), Fritz Fargher (9th) who was speechless at the finish. Danny Ronan did not finish due to a flat tyre. A mighty effort by all with less than two minutes between the first six finishers. Thanking road marshals Ashley Evans and Bob Monaghan and Glenda Hodgkinson for sign on official.

Next week is a 'Come and Try'. All riders welcome. It starts at Cowell along Kimba Road and return total 60kms with a finish at Cowell. Wind up at Larsen's place.