Students ACEEing their projects | PHOTOS

Edward John Eyre High School students who have been crafting unique projects as part of the school's Automotive, Construction, Electrotechnology and Engineering (ACEE) program showcased their work to parents on Thursday.

Students in the ACEE program spend three days a week on practical work with the assistance of a TAFE mentor, building projects of their own and working together to produce collaborative pieces.

The other two days of the week are spent on theory subjects like English and Maths that relate to their practical work.

Program Manager Chloe Lyons said ACEE helps prepare students for the transition into employment by providing them with quality hands-on learning in a model similar to a first-year apprenticeship.

"It's what businesses are looking for when they are aiming to take on apprentices later in the year," she said.

"These students enjoy hands-on learning as opposed to book-learning, and have identified that they want to be tradies in the future. So for them to be able to get their SACE through this program is great.

"I'm proud of what the students have been able to's great to see how they've grown and what they have learned in the program."

Ms Lyons said the open day was a good opportunity for parents to see first-hand what the students have been able to accomplish in ACEE.

"It's good to get the parents involved as well, I send them weekly updates to let them know what we do but they don't actually get to see the hands-on skills the boys are developing," she said.

"I don't think most of the students go home and tell their parents either so it's nice for them to see what they're doing onsite."

The main group project for the ACEE students was building a veranda for a school shed, which was recently completed.

Constructing a hospitality trailer is the next collaborative project for the ACEE students, which Ms Lyons says will be a 'unique' outcome from the program.

Student Macorhin Rosalia has been building a model barbecue out of tyre rims and has found the practical work very enjoyable.

"Once it gets painted it's going to look really good," he said.

Macorhin said he was enjoying the practical opportunities provided by the ACEE program.

"All the boys get along together really well, everyone is having fun," he said.