Anniversary show success

30TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW: Best Young Pied and Best Young Cock from the Eyre Peninsula Fancy Pigeon Club's 30th anniversary show.
30TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW: Best Young Pied and Best Young Cock from the Eyre Peninsula Fancy Pigeon Club's 30th anniversary show.

There was much interest in the Eyre Peninsula Fancy Pigeon Club's 30th anniversary show which was once again held at the Jubilee Park Showgrounds in Whyalla, with fanciers travelling from far and wide to celebrate the occasion. With around 722 pigeons and around 260 chickens/ducks, club secretary Michael Lanyon was more than happy with the entries received, the weather was a little windy but at least it wasn't freezing cold and even the ladies and kids enjoyed the whole process.

The Showpen Homer section received 67 entries-a little disappointing but the quality sure made up for it and Mr Ray Gutsche from Adelaide made the comment that the evidence of the Murphy Lineage was very evident, most of the birds were first class, and the show was well run. Mr Gutsche is a very good judge of Showpen Homers and has been involved with them for a long time, and his comments and tips on how to improve even further with this breed proved invaluable- to me especially! Thanks Ray!


Blue Checker Old Cock - 1st-R.& S.Woodlands. Blue Checker Old Hen -1st G.J& M.A. Marsland. Red Checker Old Cock - 1st G.J.& M.A. Marsland. Red Checker Old Hen -1st K.Schlink ( Port Lincoln), 2nd K.Schlink, 3rd K.Schlink. Blue Bar Old Cock -1st G.J.&M.A.Marsland, 2nd G.J.&M.A.Marsland, 3rd-R.&S.Woodlands. Blue Bar Old Hen -1st R.&S.Woodlands, 2nd R.&S.Woodlands. Mealie Old Cock - 1st G.J.&M.A.Marsland. Mealie Old Hen -1st G.J.&M.A.Marsland. White Old Cock -1st G.J.&M.A.Marsland. White Old Hen -1st G.J.&M.A.Marsland. Black Old Cock - 1stR.&S.Woodlands. Black Old Hen - 1stR.&S.Woodlands. Red Pied Old Cock -1st G.J.&M.A.Marsland. No Red Pied Old Hens entered. A.O.C.Old Pied Cock - 1st G.J.&M.A.Marsland. A.O.C. Pied Old Hen - 1st G.J.&M.A.Marsland. Champion Old Showpen Homer Cock - G.J.& M.A.Marsland. Blue Bar Cock. Champion Old Showpen Homer Hen -1st G.J.&M.A.Marsland. A.O.C. Pied Hen. Champion Old Showpen Homer of Show - G.J.& M.A.Marsland. Blue Bar Old Cock.

Young birds - Blue Checker Cock -1st R.&S.Woodlands, 2nd-R.&S.Woodlands. Blue Checker Hen 1st G.J.&M.A.Marsland, 2nd R.&S.Woodlands. Red Checker Cock - no entries. Red Checker Hen - 1st G.J.&M.A.Marsland. Blue Bar Cock, 1st R.&S.Woodlands. Blue Bar Hen - 1st R.&S.Woodlands. Mealie Cock - 1st,G.J.&M.A.Marsland, 2nd G.J.&M.A.Marsland. Mealie Hen - no entries. Red Pied Cock - 1st G.J.&M.A.Marsland. Red Pied Hen - 1st,G.J.&M.A.Marsland. A.O.C.Pied Cock - 1st G.J.&M.A.Marsland. A.O.C.Pied Hen - 1st K.Schlink, 2nd G.J.&M.A.Marsland. A.O.C.Cock - 1st G.J.&M.A.Marsland. A.O.C. Hen - 1st G.J.&M.A.Marsland. White Cock - 1st K.Schlink, 2nd K.Schlink. White Hen - 1st K.Schlink, 2nd K.Schlink, 3rd K.Schlink. Champion Young Cock - A.O.C.COCK (spread ash) G.J.&M.A.Marsland. Champion Young Hen - Blue Checker - G.J.&M.A.Marsland.

Champion Young Bird of Show - Blue Checker Hen - G.J.&M.A.Marsland. Grand Champion of Show - Young Blue Checker Hen - G.J.&M.A.Marsland. Derby Class - Young Blue Bar Pied Cock - G.J.&M.A.Marsland, 2nd B.Gosling (Mealie King), equal 3rd B.Gosling (Blue Bar Exhibition Homer), B.Gosling (Blue Carrier), M.Lanyon (Grizzle Modena).

Thanks to those of us who worked tirelessly to make it a successful show, and to Bill Gosling/Trish for cooking the all important barbecue.