Experience a parkour spectacular

Jump First, Ask Later is coming to the Middleback Arts Centre on June 14. PHOTO: Sameed Khan

Jump First, Ask Later is coming to the Middleback Arts Centre on June 14. PHOTO: Sameed Khan

Jump First, Ask Later: A notion that the obstacles you encounter shouldn't be avoided but rather deliberately engaged with in order to find your path.

PYT Fairfield, in collaboration with Force Majeure and Performing Lines, is bringing Jump First, Ask Later, a parkour spectacular to the mainstream when it tours regional South Australia with Country Arts SA, coming to the Middleback Arts Centre on Friday, June 14.

Jump First, Ask Later is an urban choreographic portrait of the streets of Fairfield, Western Sydney, one of the most culturally diverse regions in Australia. The work tells the collective stories of six young male and female champions of Fairfield's underground parkour and street style community.

Their stories translate to any culturally diverse region in Australia.

Featuring members of the Dauntless Movement Crew and directed by Byron Perry, this Helpmann and Australian Dance Award winning show takes you up close in this celebration of the challenges and joys of growing up in one of Australia's most multicultural areas.

Director at Dauntless Movement Crew Joseph Carbone said it the performance was "an interesting transition from taking a full street crew into a theatre".

He added that these young performers are "passionate and ready to show their spirit on stage...we're looking forward to showing South Australia our energy on stage and will to succeed on and off it."

Joseph will be coming back to South Australia where his mum grew up and where he still has lots of family connections.

Adding more South Australian flavour to the team is South Australian Choreographer and Dancer Larissa McGowan who has been working as the rehearsal and movement director and South Australian Stage Manager Harrison Grindle.

Urban freestyle, parkour and dance intersect to create a killer theatre experience about finding your path by jumping over life's obstacles in Jump First, Ask Later. The performance is recommended for ages 10-year-old plus.


Middleback Arts Centre

June 14, 7pm